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Portraits of Success

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Essential qualities for success

To align school operations and pedagogy and to guide 招聘 and development, Maumee Valley has developed two important visions: Portrait of a Graduate and Portrait of an Educator.

The Portrait of a Graduate is a clear and comprehensive vision of the knowledge, 技能, and attributes Maumee Valley graduates should possess upon graduation.

The Portrait of an Educator guides teacher recruitment, professional development, and evaluation as well as ensures the quality and consistency of education provided by Maumee Valley. It serves as a foundation for aligning the school’s educational vision with the faculty who play a crucial role in implementing it.



  • 弹性: Exhibit a growth mindset and persevere to achieve long-term goals
  • 学术: Literate in the langu年龄 of academic disciplines
  • Digitally literate: Fluent with the tools available in our 21st century world


  • 伦理: Capacity to face challenging ethical decisions
  • 自我意识: Understand strengths and challenges and know their passions
  • 移情: Understand how others think and feel

Contributing global citizen

  • Cross-culturally literate: Able to celebrate a variety of cultures & seek common ground
  • Globally aware: Understand how global issues are interrelated
  • 创新点: Think creatively & critically and act with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Collaborative leaders: Lead by influence, Effectively communicate, & create learning

Portrait of a Maumee Valley Educator

Embrace Exceptional Teaching

  • Student eng年龄ment
  • Intentional, outcome-driven planning
  • Effective, outcome-based formative assessment
  • Creative, research-informed approaches

Cultivate an environment of continuous growth

  • Professional development
  • Self-reflection, assessment, and improvement
  • Growth mindset and grit

Place students at the heart of their practice

  • Safe learning environment
  • Students’ interests and experiences evident in lessons and activities
  • Instruction adjusted to meet individual needs
  • Student-centered conversations and decision-making

Nurture community through actions and attitudes

  • Participation in the life of the school
  • Collegiality and respect
  • 协作
  • Productive, community-minded, solution-focused communication

Value diverse perspectives and experiences

  • Citizenship and service
  • Open-mindedness
  • Curricular diversity
  • Ever-expanding view of one’s place in the world

Exemplify personal and professional integrity